Meet George Andonovski -
The man behind the traveller brand

When George first arrived in Australia at the age of 19, he had one small tool box ~ a passion for craftsmanship passed down from his father ~ and little idea that helping his family build beautiful wedding carriages in Europe would one day lead to creating Australia’s finest caravans.

George Andonovski at work in the factory
George at work creating a new template

But after a time of cabinetmaking and 10 years learning all the ins and outs of the caravanning business, that’s exactly how it’s turned out.

Since founding the Traveller brand in 1984, George’s focus on setting new standards in design and construction excellence has never wavered.

Neither has the first question he asks every customer before accepting (or starting work) on an order ~ “What kind of vehicle are you planning to tow your new van with?”

Having personally crafted over 15,000 caravans, George knows from experience that the answer to this defines the caravan weight you’re able to legally pull; the on-road stability you’ll experience; the validity of insurance in the event of an accident; and your very ability to travel safely.

Once he’s comfortable that your van and vehicle are the ideal match (and that your initial ‘design ideas and wants’ are what you actually ‘need’ to be 100% happy), production commences ~ always under George’s watchful eye ~ and with all work performed by an expert team handpicked to uphold the quality standards the Traveller name is known for.

As George says, “Contemporary styles can change, traditions can’t.”

Side view of the Traveller Sensation Caravan
Traveller Sensation 2014