Attention to detail can never be rushed

To witness the building of a Traveller caravan from beginning to end is to soon recognise that no element is ever just quickly ‘banged together’ ∼ but instead, crafted with a level of care, precision and quality control that requires weeks of unrushed production to quietly finesse and complete to exacting standards.

A person welding a caravan chassis
Made to order G&S’s Chassis

For each model created, the Traveller process begins with the arrival (and thorough inspection) of a purpose-built Supagal steel or hot-dipped galvanised chassis which we have specially made to order by Australia’s premier caravan chassis manufacturer, G&S Chassis ∼ the pioneers of the Control Rider Coil Suspension Systems we elect to use.

The chassis of the caravan with marine ply base sealed with one piece of vinyl flooring
Marine ply base sealed with one piece of vinyl flooring

Onto this ultra sturdy, reinforced undercarriage, we install premium grade marine ply flooring; a handcrafted frame made from immensely strong (yet lightweight) Meranti timber; and handmade cabinetry that is not just glued together, but screwed together for long and lasting performance.

Workmen installing the handmade cabinetry
Precision installation of handmade cabinetry

We then take time to ensure that the professional laying of the vinyl flooring is flawless; that the post-forming of laminate benchtops is just as precise; and that every co-ordinated detail of the beautifully appointed kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dining areas combine to create a truly refined and relaxing space.

Exterior of a partially constructed caravan showing how straight edge forms are used to ensure side walls are perfectly square
Straight edges are used to ensure side walls are perfectly square

To optimise and control interior comfort, we even separately line our vans’ walls and roof with two different types of insulation.

Once the stylish aluminium panels and windows are fitted, the sleek exterior lines of the design really take shape ∼ and the final important finishing touches begin.

To Traveller, this is not just about ensuring that all electrics are in place and working safely; or that tyres are specially inflated with nitrogen (not air) to help reduce wear and fuel consumption or that protective Checkerplating is added to guard the gleaming bodywork against possible damage from stone chips.

Close up of the wheels and the checkerplate used on the lower part of the caravan.
Wheels and checkerplate

The greatest potential threat to the life of any caravan is not driving over rough, unsealed roads, but when exterior body joins are not completely sealed against rainwater intrusion. Which is why we spare no amount of effort (or quality silicon sealant) in making certain that every exterior nook, cranny and crevice is 100% waterproof ~ without fail.

Picture of the exterior body joins being sealed
Exterior body joins are all completely sealed

To see first hand the extra mile Traveller goes in making ‘high-end’ luxury caravans, we invite all prospective customers to Arrange A Factory Tour by appointment. Beyond helping you appreciate the worth of owning one, it will also explain why our prestigious vans retain such a high resale value should you ever wish to upgrade at a later date

Exterior of the Traveller Sensation caravan
Traveller Sensation 2014