Our partner suppliers
form quite a line-up

Traveller wishes to acknowledge and thank all of our leading brand suppliers for the important contribution they each make to the creation and performance of our premium quality range. May your valued place on our production line long continue.

  1. G & S Chassis
  2. Dometic
  3. Coast to Coast
  4. Thetford
  5. Camec
  6. Hume Caravan Accessories
  7. The Laminex Group
  8. Gerflor
  9. Narva
  10. Fusion

G & S ∼ Chassis and Suspension. Dometic ∼ Waeco Windows, Fridges, Hatches & Awnings; Sovereign BBQ’s. Coast to Coast ∼ Hot Water Services, Pumps and Antennas. Thetford ∼ Toilets & Service Doors. Camec ∼ Windows, Doors and Appliances. Hume Caravan Accessories ∼ Aluminium Cladding, Gas Bottles, Checkerplate and Water Tanks. The Laminex Group ∼ Laminate Panels. Gerflor ∼ Vinyl Fooring. Narva ∼ Auto Lights. Fusion ∼ Radio & DVD. NCE ∼ Wall Ply. Air Command ∼ Air Conditioners. Battery Stop ∼ Batteries and Solar Panels. Swift Appliances ∼ Ovens and Cooktops. LED Technologies ∼ Interior Lights & Autolamps. Safety Dave ∼ Reversing Cameras and Safety/Fire Products. Hafaele ∼ Ironing Boards and Table Legs. Gummersons ∼ Curtain Material.