You’re never alone
when you invest in a Traveller

Every new Traveller caravan that customers buy through our Dealerships undergoes the most rigorous pre-delivery check to ensure everything is in perfect working order; and we also pride ourselves on taking all the time necessary to thoroughly explain to new owners how everything works.

But when you drive away, always feel free to come back to your Dealer for an answer to a query; guidance on where to go for the best Servicing; advice on any after-market accessories; or to resolve any issue with the operation of your caravan or the Warranty covering it. We’ll support you in every way we can.

With Traveller, even the non-original owners of used vans are welcome to assistance. It’s just part of going the extra mile to accommodate the needs of all our customers ~ and make certain that, with after-sales Service, no-one is left dissatisfied or stranded.