All new Traveller Caravans
are covered by our Warranty

Every new Traveller caravan made comes with the protection of a full 12 Month Warranty from the date of purchase; which is our assurance that the van you have invested in is completely free of workmanship or material defects.

In addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, and subject to the terms of our warranty, should any shortcomings be found with the original materials or manufacture, these will be promptly rectified free of charge to the original buyer. This covers all parts and/or labour costs.

Please note: that in order to validate your Warranty, the warranty registration form supplied must be completed and returned to Traveller Caravans immediately upon taking delivery of your new purchase.

The procedure for
making any Warranty claim

1. Your first point of call for any issues regarding Warranty should be to the Dealership where your new van was initially purchased.

2. The Dealership will be able to assist you with most of your issues and also give you numbers to directly contact major suppliers for any issues regarding their specific products/appliances.

3. In the event your Dealer is unable to assist you (or if you require further assistance), you can then call Traveller Caravans on (03) 9303 7499 to discuss your issues. It is recommended that you take as many photos as possible of issues you may have to support your Warranty claim and email these to along with your full name, contact numbers, chassis number and where & when your van was purchased. This will help to speed up the Warranty process and make assessing and processing your issue more efficient.

4. In the event you need to take your van to a repairer to have it fixed, you will need to follow these steps ~

  • Firstly, book your van in at a Repairer to have it assessed and quoted.
  • Be sure to advise the Repairer to include all your contact details on the quote they prepare to send to Traveller Caravans (including your email address) so we can contact you if required.

The Repairer will then forward the quote along with any supporting photos to Traveller Caravans.

5. Once Traveller Caravans receives the quote we will promptly assess it and send it back to the Repairer with a Traveller Caravans Warranty Approval Form. This form gives authorisation to the Repairer to commence work to your van. The Repairer (upon acceptance of our Approval) will need to sign it and return it to Traveller Caravans ~ agreeing to perform the listed work at the approved price. Please note that Traveller Caravans will only cover costs listed on its Approval Form.

6. When picking up your van from the Repairer, please ensure that you are fully satisfied with the work carried out; and don’t leave until you are satisfied. Also ensure that the Repairer gives you Warranty on all work they have carried out.